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An audit helps you understand your site’s accessibility issues and how to solve them.

What is an accessibility audit?

To know how to improve your website or application for all users, including those with disabilities, you must first determine its current level of accessibility. Our web accessibility audit measures your site against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, known as WCAG, and includes actionable recommendations for improvements.

An accessibility audit is your roadmap to remediation.

What will your audit include?

Your accessibility report will include:

Executive summary
An at-a-glance resource that explains your site’s strengths and weaknesses
Detailed findings
A deep dive into specific pain points or barriers to your site’s web accessibility, such as issues around headings, links, images, contrast, and ARIA landmarks
Testing video
A video from a user acceptance testing session with a visually impaired user
Prioritized action plan
Suggested fixes to any violations we discover

We don’t just test for accessibility. We assess for usability.

What is our process?

At Sparkbox, our accessibility audits go beyond surface-level testing. We don’t just check the boxes. Our process is thorough and strategic so we can help your site provide the best UX for users of all abilities.

Get an estimate
Answer four questions and get an instant estimate for the cost of auditing your website. Want to further discuss how we’d do an audit for you? Contact us and we’ll set up a call.
Customize scope
Most websites are built using templates so it is unnecessary to test every single page. We’ll work with you to determine which pages to audit. If you have site sections you’re particularly concerned about, let us know.
Analyze for issues
After we’ve chosen sample pages, we analyze each for accessibility barriers.
Conduct user testing
User acceptance testing with a screenreader user provides powerful insights into how people with disabilities experience your site beyond WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
Deliver results
We share a written report with comprehensive findings and suggestions for practical fixes, then do a conference call to make sure you understand the issues and to discuss next steps

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